While most things are possible (with the right planning) there are some things which we can't do, and others which we won't......

  • We will not carry out any kind of snooping / spying / surveillance etc. so please don't ask!
  • We will not complete any flights which are inherently unsafe - whether the risk is to the public (flying too close to people / vehicles / buildings which aren't under our control),  to us (dangerous working environments) or our equipment (all of the above!).  We want to get great shots too, but please respect that if we have to postpone a flight then it will be for a genuine reason.
  • There are restrictions in place around various sites, including military bases, nuclear power plants, high profile residences and prisons, among others.  We will advise you of any such restrictions when we have completed pre-flight planning.  We don't want to get shot down (or shot at) and will not enter these areas without express permission from the relevant agencies.
  • Contrary to what a lot of people think we can operate near airfields and aerodromes.  Please understand that when very close to them there may be restrictions on flight times / altitude etc.  Where we do complete these flights we will communicate with ATC to ensure that we do not impact on the safety of other air traffic.  In some cases it will not be possible to complete a safe flight, or the conditions put on it too prohibitive.  With this in mind please don't expect us to be able to arrange filming on the final approach to Heathrow!
  • We take our responsibilities under the Data Protection Act (2008) seriously.  We will not release shots where individuals are clearly identifiable unless; they are part of the filming and are aware of how images will be used, or they have signed a release form.  At our discretion we may crop / blur sections of an image where we believe it may cause a breach of the DPA.  All images / videos that we retain are held on an encrypted hard drive.

​At all times we are bound by the laws and regulations of the Air Navigation Order, the terms of our Permission for Commercial Operations (as issued by the Civil Aviation Authority) and English Law as it relates to our conduct and operations.

NCA Media Ltd. pilots are in possession of a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO).  This permission is issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and is compulsory for anyone using a UAV / drone for aerial work in the UK.  To find out more about UAV law and PfCO follow the link to the CAA website HERE.

In order to demonstrate competency and obtain a PfCO NCA Media Ltd. pilots have completed the BNUC-s qualification.

Naughty Cat Media is a trading name of NCA Media Ltd. registered as a company in England (no. 09324625)

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Naughty Cat Media is a trading name of NCA Media Ltd. ​Registered as a company in England (09324625)

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